Prince Harming Sister Siri

Fans of Tame Impala and Perfume Genius will love Prince Harming's latest single "Sister Siri"

"Sister Siri" is out now. It's the last single before the full-length album IVI drops on March 19th.

NWR: What is "Sister Siri" about?

Prince Harming: "I’ve always struggled with falling asleep. It’s a curse to have a loud mind when the only thing in the world you want is rest. "Sister Siri" is about hitting that point of insomnia where you begin asking all of the wrong questions. Drinking too much and hoping that maybe the depths of the internet can soothe our existential plight. Maybe one day AI will make me right..."

NWR: We definitely think that diving into the depths of the Internet would not help us mentally, but we relate. So what is the full length album, IVI, about?

PH: IVI is a collection of songs to help me remember. To remember what it means to feel like an alien. To remember all of the mistakes I’ve made. To remember what it means to hurt someone. I’m not sure if I have a selective memory or if it’s all just fading away. It was difficult to come back to these stories and people I knew while growing up in a new country. I suppose an alien’s perceptions on modern day life: loneliness, guilt, religion, demagoguery, depression, love. IVI is my own private therapy.

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Watch LEAKED FOOTAGE of Prince Harming performing the latest single on YouTube 😮