Mirandas' debut single "BIG MOUF" featuring Maurice Out Now!

DJ duo Mirandas (1/2 Sean McVerry and 1/2 Certain Self) share their first original track "BIG MOUF", featuring vocals by Maurice's Mr. Dev. Born out of the need to keep people moving at the perpetual parties of The Loft in Greenpoint, the pair has DJ'd both the manic-sweat-filled fiestas of Brooklyn, as well as the red-bull-fueled-get-me-outta-here clubs of midtown manhattan. They began incorporating their own music in their sets with the 2019 remix of artist Madelin's song "High School Boys", which was met with unbridled fervor from the local community. Since that time they have worked on their own projects and incubated the next steps for the would-be legendary electronic duo. Their name is derived from the secondary character of the beloved Disney Channel original Lizzie Mcguire. The actress Lalaine even follows them on Instagram. Incredible. Music and more to come. Listen to "BIG MOUF" here!