Cheriton - "My Reverie"

by Sara Donnellan

Cheriton’s latest single My Reverie opens with a lyric that any twenty-or-thirty-something can relate to. “I haven’t watered the plants in a little while, I guess I’m sad about that. I haven’t spoken to you in a little while, I’m just no good at getting back.” In other words you only reap what you sow, a hard aphorism to swallow in a year where starting projects and maintaining human connection has felt nearly impossible.

The song is an ode to losing access to the part of yourself that dreams of better days. “I’m so bored, what’s the point of even trying anymore,” sings Cheriton. Although the sentiment is bittersweet, the song is sonically pure fun and good vibes.

Before the vocal comes in, My Reverie sets the mood with samples of birds chirping, a catchy acoustic guitar lick, and finger snapping (the holy trinity of feel-good pop songs). Cheriton’s voice sounds a bit like Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, only even quirkier. There’s an affected twang that works. The unique pronunciations of words stick in your mind.

The chorus solidifies My Reverie’s position as a stadium-ready anthem. The melody jumps up a perfect fifth and the drums come crashing in. Cheriton is singing about no longer living in a reverie, but the music sends a different message. We’re all just one catchy chorus or one sunny day away from having a spring in our step again.