Dutchkid - "Sugar"

by Zeno P

Do you have a sweet tooth? Are you, like I am, a sucker for a sleeve of Oreos, or a big bowl of M&Ms? Then Sugar, the latest from UK-based pop collective Dutchkid, is just for you.

Written and recorded in an Airbnb alongside producer John Foyle (Gorillaz, Jai Paul), Sugar is dripping with ear candy - buzzing synths, crispy claps, and swirling vocal samples. They call it “wonky pop” - why not wonka-y? Dutchkid is after all, more than a band. Their lineup includes songwriters, producers, film-makers, and graphic designers, making it more like an art factory than your traditional band. At this point, they might as well start making candy too - everything they churn out ends up sounding pretty sweet.

Sugar is out now via Ultra Music. Dutchkid’s upcoming debut LP is due out later this year, also on Ultra Music.