by Sara Donnellan

The opening moments of Jenny Kern’s latest single Run are deceiving. A simple chord progression on keys and a pretty yet predictable vocal melody suggest that the Spotify algorithm has served up another forgettable pop ballad. But don’t dismiss Kern so quickly. Less than a minute in, Run hits its stride. You’ll be glad you stuck around for the ensuing indie pop party vibes. 

The track takes off just as Kern settles into the relationship she’s describing. “I won’t be the one to run,” she assures a romantic interest in the chorus. The casually evocative vocals (reminiscent of Danielle Haim) are complemented by punchy 80s percussion and a groovy bass synth line. The result is both moody and optimistic; both intimate and epic. Visuals of skating with your crush at a roller disco come to mind.

Run is the second single release of the year for Kern, a Candian-born Brooklyn based songwriter. The track is a collaboration with producer Andy Seltzer, best known for his work with Maggie Rogers and Chelsea Cutler. Based on Run alone, it’s only a matter of time before Cutler and Rogers fans start drinking the Kern Kool-Aid.