by Zeno P

Somebody Else sounds like Los Angeles. Like, influencer Los Angeles. It’s moody, confessional, a little lo-fi but still bumps in the car. Somebody Else has that trendy emo-pop magic you’d use to underscore an emotional TikTok or sneak on a playlist to let your crush know that, yes, you do indeed have feelings.

It’s no surprise that SMWN wrote Somebody Else about living in LA. The song reflects on his "experience of becoming someone else in Los Angeles, and becoming a product of [his] surroundings… for better or worse." SMWN’s voice is radio ready, backed by a Bieber-y beat, shimmering acoustic guitars, and, of course, some big 808s. It’s an undeniably catchy track, and clocking in at just under two minutes, it’s worth a listen.

SMWN (pronounced ‘someone’) is a new project by Sam Lassner, previously known for his work as Prince Fox, and is credited with working alongside Hailee Steinfeld, Bella Thorne, and Ella Vos.