by Sara Donnellan

The discography of the UK-based project Sunspire sounds like what would happen if The Cure made shoegaze music. Their latest single, Wildflowers, features textbook dream-pop instrumentation, yet still manages to feel fresh.

Sunspire is the solo project of Jack Jazrawry-Brown, whose lackadaisical vocals complement Wildflowers' lush wall of sound perfectly. Despite elements that are persistent throughout the song (washed out guitars and a pingy synth line that would be at home on an 8-bit video game score), Wildflowers is not without variation. There are satisfying stops and starts and Jazrawry-Brown’s vocals convey genuine emotion.

Haters will say that the polished track sounds like something you’d hear played at an American Eagle, but that only speaks to the song’s palatable universality. Wildflowers is the perfect spring song. Hopeful, unhurried, and nostalgia-inducing. Listen for a good time.