TUSHAR - "Arthur"

by Sara Donnellan

Australian Indie musician TUSHAR’s debut single, "Arthur", is infectious from the get-go. With a whistled hook that’s even catchier than Peter Bjorn and John’s "Young Folks" and a drum beat dripping with tambourine, it’s easy to feel at home in the landscape of "Arthur" after one listen.

Despite the track’s groovy bassline and sing-song melody, "Arthur" is more than a feel-good bop to put on your summer party playlists. Wordplay obscures the song’s painful subject matter. "Arthur" is not a romantic interest that keeps stringing TUSHAR along, but rather a lighthearted nickname for the disease he’s been living with for 10 years: arthritis.

"As my bones turn to dust, defeated and crushed," TUSHAR sings. He goes on to implore "Arthur" to "slow it down" so they can "talk it through." By personifying his pain, the Adelaide-based songwriter has found a way to demystify it. He’s also managed to talk about his arthritis in a manner that makes people want to dance.

You don’t need to be living with chronic pain to relate to "Arthur." Whether it’s external or internal, we all have something weighing us down, something that we’d like to dance off. "Slow it down, it’s all I can do. Every day there’s something new with you," TUSHAR sings. Indeed.