by Sara Donnellan

Funny Water, the latest single from indie duo vern matz is easy listening from the first note. Warm, layered guitars set the mood and an immediately catchy verse melody follows. The song has a relatively small melodic range, allowing anyone to sing along in the car regardless of their vocal talents (or lack thereof).

The track gives off strong Wilco vibes; in form, in melody, and in whimsical lyrical content. “In the water there’s a funny taste, what a funny way to say you miss me,” croons vocalist Daniel Belgrad. His delivery is subtle and wistful, lulling the listener into a tranquil state of vague longing. The first line of the chorus (it could also be interpreted as a one-line pre-chorus) packs a punch, raising the song’s stakes by going to a new place melodically. The refrain is simple and repetitive, allowing you to impose your own significance onto it. “Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up, I’m down.”

The song’s only weakness is the anticlimactic ending. What initially sounds like a bridge turns into a minute-long instrumental outro. The chorus doesn’t return a third time, leaving you craving the unadorned refrain. Oh well. You’ll just have to play Funny Water again, which isn’t such a raw deal.