Valley Boy - "Gummi Bear"


Gummi Bear is the fourth single release from LA-based musical duo, Valley Boy. The song is more straight-ahead Indie rock than the group’s previous work (January’s Sad Girl veered into Frank Ocean territory at times) and despite the title, it’s delightfully earnest. A nice surprise from a group whose Spotify bio simply reads, “sucks.”

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Kid Travis - "Won't Let Me Go"

BY Zeno P

Kid Travis is undeniable. He’s got his music down to a science. Each song is carefully formulated to produce serotonin in any (I mean it when I say any) listener’s brain. You might claim to hate pop music, but you’ll still like Won’t Let Me Go. It’s not that there’s tons of ear candy, or that he panders to basic taste - Kid Travis just makes really good music. 

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