BY Sara Donnellan

Cheriton - "My Reverie"

Cheriton’s latest single My Reverie opens with a lyric that any twenty-or-thirty-something can relate to. “I haven’t watered the plants in a little while, I guess I’m sad about that. I haven’t spoken to you in a little while, I’m just no good at getting back.” In other words you only reap what you sow, a hard aphorism to swallow in a year where starting projects and maintaining human connection has felt nearly impossible.

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Newest Finds

Dutchkid - "Sugar"


It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for; the flowers are starting to bloom, the pavement always smells like it just rained, and life is being breathed back into the city day by day. As more of us become eligible for the vaccine, and we (hopefully) prepare to share those joyous pre-pandemic moments at barbeques and yard parties again, I’m already curating my summer dance playlist. And I’ve found a perfect one with indie artist Helen’s I’d Never.

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